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YardSprout Enters Changemakers Competition for $50k Prize

YardSprout entered the Changemakers Powering Economic Opportunity: Create a World that Works competition, which gives out 5 prizes of $50,000 each.  eBay Foundation and Ashoka’s Changemakers created this online competition to “find the world’s most innovative, market-based solutions that create economic opportunity and generate employment for disadvantaged populations.”

YardSprout wants to create economic opportunity for hundreds of thousands of gardeners and farmers and millions of residents by helping people grow food in yards at their homes, schools, businesses, and beyond.

You can support YardSprout in this global competition by visiting our entry profile at http://www.changemakers.com/economicopportunity/entries/yardsprout

Click on the Like button to show your support, and the Discuss button to talk about the value you perceive in a technology platform that helps people connect with expert gardeners and urban farmers to grow food in yards and other urban land.  Judges will give weight to visible support and discussion, so don’t hold back!

PS: We submitted our proposal via email, so our online profile includes only our summary, not the full proposal.


About YardSprout

YardSprout is a social venture launched at Startup Weekend in Durham, NC on 6/5/2011. Initially, we aim to connect home-owners to master gardeners, to help you grow food in your yard.


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